How long the tickets are valid before they got cancelled ?

Our flight reservations last for 2 weeks validity. This is perfect for your visa application because you might be denied if the embassy checks your flight reservation online and it’s not there anymore. Other services offer 48h, with us the Onward tickets are confirmed for much longer.

When should I purchase my onward ticket ?

You can purchase at any time ! Even for a trip in 6 months ! We’ve recently added the option “Buy now, receive later”, so your ticket will be valid for 14 days from the date you’ve chosen.

I am from the US, can I get a flight reservation?

Yes of course! It’s for everyone worldwide, no matter where you are from.

Can I pay in dollars ?

Yes ! Select the currency you want to pay with from the menu.

How can I check if this is real?

Each flight reservation has a unique booking code or PNR number. You can simply verify your flight details on the respective airline websites using the unique booking code and your last name. Our reservation can be used for visa application or onward travel, however be aware that we don’t provide e-ticket number.

What is the difference with similar services?

There are few websites offering this service as well but be careful because some of them are not real travel agencies and will give you fake flight reservation and you could be denied on board. You can check the actual reviews from our clients here.

How do I know if I need an Onward ticket ?

It depends on your nationality and the country you’re visiting. We recommend you using this official IATA tool to check if a one-way ticket is enough for you or not.

I don’t have last name on my passport

No problem, just put a dot in the last name field.

Can I add other passengers on the same booking ?

Yes, of course ! During the booking process, on step 2, you are allowed to add other passengers.

I have a baby, should I add it in my reservation ?

Yes ! During your booking, you can add a passenger under 2 years old. It will be free of charge.

Do I pay for the full price of the flight?

No.This is just a flight reservation so you’re not paying for the full price of the flight. You only need to pay the flight reservation fee.

There’s a mistake in my flight reservation.

If you want to make any change you should send us an email before we process your order. If your booking has been confirmed and your ticket has already been sent to you, we can’t make any modification.

How long does it take to receive my ticket ?

After your booking is completed, our team makes every effort to treat your application as quickly as possible. It can take up to 24 hours to receive your it, but usually few hours.

Do I have to cancel the flight?

Cancellation is FREE. You don’t need to do anything. It will be automatically cancelled by us.

Is OneWayFly a secured service ?

Yes, of course ! The website is perfectly safe and all your data are encrypted and protected. The website allows you to pay with Paypal and by credit card.

Is it possible to then buy the actual ticket using your services ?

Yes, of course. When we send you your booking confirmation, you have the option to buy the ticket through our agency. Just send us an email.

  • Legal and secured
  • Booking in 12hrs
  • Valid 2 weeks
  • Secured payment