Is the service still running during Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, our service is still running during Covid-19 situation. Some routes might not be available but in that case we will contact you after your order with a different proposition. If we can’t find a route or date that suits your needs, we will refund you.

Can you briefly provide what all services do you offer to your customers?

We provide flight reservations and hotel reservations for visa purposes. This service is for travelers applying for visas that require submitting confirmed flight and hotel reservations. It is not for people who are planning to enter a country illegally or work illegally in a foreign country. Travelers need a visa to travel to several countries. So we provide fast, affordable and reliable services to customers by providing supporting documents and arranging flight reservations and hotel bookings.

How OneWayFly works?

a) You provide your basic travel details for flights(Departing city, arrival city, departure dates) and/or hotels(City, check in and check out dates) and submit the order

b) We will then send you reservations in email pdf. You can use those to get your visa or for your travel requirement

c) After you get the visa, you can either make your own travel plans and purchase anything of your choice online Or, if you need to buy the actual flight tickets and hotels from us then we will also provide you the service to find the best and cheaper fares at that time using our resources and tools for a minimal non-refundable service fee of USD10

How can I verify flights and hotels?

Verification of Flight: Flight reservations are verifiable. You can visit respective airlines website, plugin the airline reservation code (PNR) and your name under manage my bookings. If you have any issues, then please send email via our contact page or by replying to your email order. Our reservation can be used for visa application, however be aware that we don’t provide e-ticket number.

Verification of Hotel: Hotel reservations are verifiable. You can call the hotel directly to verify using your name. Hotel itinerary has a confirmation number from the booking systems that indicate that bookings have been made successfully with the hotel systems.

How long are the reservations valid for?

Our flight reservations are valid for two weeks however sometimes it depends on airlines policies and it gets auto canceled due to different reasons (overbooking, flight cancellation, covid situation, date of departure too close, etc.).
Hotel bookings are valid up to 2 weeks however sometimes hotel bookings may also get auto canceled due to hotel cancellation policies and high demand in bookings.

Not to worry. We can recreate it immediately if such an issue arises. The embassy will not refuse a visa due to this. They will request you to re-submit the reservation but again that’s very rare.

We recommend our clients to use the option “buy now receive later” to receive their reservation a day or two before they need to use it.

What details do you need from me to place an order?

We don’t ask for any confidential information. All we need is Your Full Name, Your basic travel details for flights(Departing city, arrival city, departure dates) and hotels if needed (City, check in and check out dates).

How long does it take to receive my reservation?

After your booking is completed, our team will treat manually your order. It can take from 30 minutes to 12 hours to receive by email your reservation.

Is there a particular time period to use your service to book flight and hotel reservations?

There is no specific time period to order reservations on our website. However, we recommend our clients to use the option “buy now receive later” to receive their reservation a day or two before they need to use it.

I would like to avoid a stopover in a specific country on my reservation

That’s possible. During the booking process, just use the option “Avoid stop-over in selected countries” and add a comment in the field. Example : “No stop over in ….” .

I would like to use a specific flight

This is possible as well. During the booking process, just use again the option “Avoid stop-over” and add a comment in the field. Example : “Flight SX190”. If we are not able to book that flight we will contact you with a different option or refund your booking.

Does your service work for any Nationality?

Yes it does. It works for everyone worldwide, no matter where you are from.

Can I pay in dollars?

Yes, select the currency you want to pay with from the menu.

I don’t have last name on my passport

No problem, just put a dot in the last name field.

Can I add other passengers on the same booking ?

Yes, of course. During the booking process you are allowed to add other passengers.

I have a baby, should I add it in my reservation ?

Yes, during your booking, you can add a passenger under 2 years old. It will be free of charge.

Do I pay for the full price of the flight?

No. This is just a flight reservation so you’re not paying for the full price of the flight. You only pay for the flight reservation fee.

There’s a mistake in my flight reservation.

If you want to make any change you should send us an email before we process your order. If your booking has been confirmed and your ticket has already been sent to you, we can’t make any modifications.

My name doesn’t look correct on the reservation. Why?

This is not a mistake, some airlines display names on tickets with different formats: For example, if your name is “Mr John Do Gonzalo”, it may display as ” Do GonzaloMr John” or as  “DoGonzalo” and it’s totally legitimate.

Do I have to cancel the flight?

Cancellation is FREE. You don’t need to do anything. It will be automatically cancelled by us.

Is it possible to then buy the actual ticket using your services ?

Yes, of course. When we send you your booking confirmation, you have the option to buy the ticket through our agency. Just send us an email.