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                        Why use the services of OneWayFly?

                        You’re about to fly to a country but you don’t know yet how long you’ll be staying there nor where you’ll go next? You only have a simple tourist visa? Chances are Security services from your arrival airport will be asking for a proof of exit or a return ticket. Why? Quite simply because without this proof, you’ll surely be suspected of wanting to spend more time in the country than authorized.

                        there are three options available:

                        You give it a try, with a high risk of having to leave your destination as soon as you arrive or even not being able to get on your plane.
                        You spend hundreds of euros in a ticket that you probably won’t even use.
                        YOU ACT LEGAL AND BOOK A TICKET
                        for a few euros using OneWayFly services as thousands other travellers have done before.

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                        “I’m very happy with this service. It’s very simple and quick to use.”

                        I needed flight bookings to get my chinese visa, in order to prove that I will enter and exit the People’s Republic of China. I absolutely had to do this because, in concrete terms, I crossed the border by foot and couldn’t prove the face that I entered/exited the country.

                        Thanks to your agency efficiency, we had our visa on schedule.