Imagined and created by a Digital Nomad

OneWayFly was imagined and created by a digital nomad in association with a travel agency. After many years of travel, he realized there was no option available for travelers who need a return ticket.

An agency at the service of travelers

We are a Paris located travel agency and we offer travelers the possibility to receive a return ticket under their name. You will only have to pay a small amount for this service, way less than you would have paid if you had to book for a real plane ticket.

A legal and secured service

No worries, everything is legal, as the tickets delivered by OneWayFly are booked through a real travel agency, legally authorized to buy refundable tickets for its customers. The embassies don’t ask travelers to buy actual plane tickets. They only want a proof of booking and we provide you with the appropriate documents. These bookings can only be delivered by a real travel agency !