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Flight itinerary and hotel bookings are important documents that can be requested by embassies for your visa application or during your trip.

Instead of buying a pricy and non-refundable ticket, you can use One Way Fly to receive a verifiable flight itinerary and hotel bookings. Just for $ 16. We issue flight reservation with a unique PNR code which you can use to verify directly on the airline’s website.

Applying for a visa?

It’s not obligatory to buy flight tickets to apply for a visa. The majority of consulates & embassies accept flight reservations.

One-way, round trip, hotel accommodation

You can get flight reservations to any destinations or countries quickly, even while you are at the embassy. These reservations are accepted in most countries.

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Add more passengers, avoid stop-over, receive later, hotel booking.

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After payment, you'll receive your order by email instantly.

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Here is what travelers say about our Confirmed Flight Reservation & Hotel Bookings for visa application process.

Very good service!! Fast responses and excellent client service! Highly recommended.
I reserved a ticket for schengen visa the support was really helpful. I highly recommend them.
I have been using Onewayfly since 2019 and I totally recommend them! Their customer service is effective and Sarah always responds very quickly to resolve your issues even on a Sunday!
Thank you very much!! Will definitely recommend my friend to use your service. You guys are 5 stars!!
Superb. The customer care is prompt and the ticket is valid for 14 days which is fantastic.
I've been using One Way Fly since 2017. It's great! I purchased a ticket today, and I had to reach out to their customer support to modify something, and Sarah replied right away and was extra helpful. I recommend 100%!
I have needed to show proof of travel due to COVID19, and this service has went above and beyond to satisfy some of my requests. I have not experienced any problems and encourage others to use this service if they find themselves needing to show proof of travel.
Everything work out perfectly. Really quick customer service and very efficient. They even extended the validity of my reservation free of charge. My second experience with One way fly, both times 100% satisfied!
I used this service now a couple of times for my visa applications and it's just so useful! The customer support is great as well, and really reliable. I can totally recommend it. Thank you
The promise 14 Days confirmed tickets, but my onward tickets got canceled after 6 to 7 days, so I notified the customer support and they reissued the tickets with the same PNR number after a couple of hours.
It was useful and i will use them again. Thanks
Awesome service! I heard about this website few times but never had to use it until I went to Indonesia. Within minutes I got my ticket which was also on the airline's website and was able to board my plane!! I really recommend if you need a last minute solution!
Awesome, i have been using One Way Fly for some time now. I travel a lot and never know when and where my next destination will be. Very useful to save money!


Can you briefly describe what this service is about?

We provide flight reservations and hotel reservations for visa applications. This service is for travelers applying for visas that require submitting confirmed flight and/or hotel reservations. Our flight reservations come with a PNR under your name that can be checked on CheckMyTrip or the airline's website.
Note: this service is not for people who are planning to enter a country illegally or work illegally in a foreign country.

I need a flight reservation for a visa application or at the airport, is this what I need?

If you are required to present a flight reservation for your visa application, then this service is what you need.

What is a flight reservation?

A flight reservation (also named flight itinerary or onward ticket) is a document with detailed information about your flight. Such as flight name, departure/arrival timings along with dates, flight code, departure/arrival airport IATA codes and the flight reservation numbers. It also contains a unique PNR code.
Note: A flight reservation is not a fully booked and paid ticket. It is only reserved for the purpose of applying for a visa.

Do you provide an e-ticket?

No. An e-ticket number is not included in a reservation.

How can I place an order?

  1. Enter the route and date you need for your reservation.
  2. Following payment, your order will be processed automatically, and you will be able to download your ticket immediately.
  3. You can use this reservation for your travel needs. The reservation will be valid for 48h.

If I choose the option “buy now, receive later”, when will I receive my ticket?

When you choose this option, you will receive an email right after the order with a link. You can then just click on that link to activate your ticket any time you want. Your order will be then valid for 48h from that moment.
Note: the link is valid until 5 days before the departure date of the itinerary you requested with us.

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